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EMP of Monrovia Breweries Inc. (MBI)

Monrovia Breweries Inc. is a beverage production company in Liberia with a very long history in this market. Health and safety, environmental management and impact reduction are top priorities on their management agenda. Earthtime is has been their preferred partner in this for a long time. We developed their first Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in 2008, supported them with a new one in 2013 and are now supporting the implementation of the EMP.


This includes continuous data collection and analysis of processes such as the fermentation, bottling and packing. Furthermore it covers raw material consumption, chemical storage, sanitation facilities, work place safety, offices and power station.


Our task also includes monitoring water quality, water and energy consumption, noise, work place safety, quality and quantity of wastewater, and generating monthly and quarterly reports including observations and recommendations. A series of flow meters, mutliparameters trolls are currently installed at various locations within and around the brewery and operating to obtain data on a 15-minutes basis. Data is downloaded regularly, analyzed and presented in a monthly report to the management of MBI.

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