Earthtime is a leading multi-disciplinary development and environmental consulting firm offering professional services in the fields of applied earth and environmental sciences.  

Our Values



We are a socially responsible and ethical organization that strives to always meet and/or exceed international standards. Our established position as the local leader in the engineering, environmental, and social consulting services has secured us a reputation for excellence and professionalism.

As a highly dedicated and respected accredited organization we are committed to the protection of the environment and work closely with industry and community partners to ensure a peaceful coexistence and a sustainable future for all stakeholders.

Safety is the critical cornerstone of our shared core values; we empower our people to think independently as leaders in identifying concerns and encourage an open environment for shared knowledge and experience. Earthtime proactively engages our team, clients and community, employing sound judgment and resourcefulness to implement safe precautions.

Our extensive experience in navigating the complex requirements for environmental, public consultation and related approvals for development provide an expedient and high quality solution to meet any program objectives.
Through professional expertise, efficiency and diligence we continually strive to build a better future for Liberia.
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