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GIS & Image Processing

Earthtime has recently added a “GIS & Image Processing Department” to complement its growing range of environmental and social consultancy services. This department comprises a team with more than 15 years of experience in the field of GIS and photointerpretation, with former practical involvement in a large variety of related projects worldwide.

Our knowledge of the local environment, through our numerous projects in developing baseline surveys and ESIAs since 2006, made us aware of the growing need for GIS and its crucial value in improving decision making. As a result, our new GIS & Image Processing Department aims to provide the most informative geographic information over Liberia in relation to:

  • Land-use planning,
  • Land-cover change detection,
  • Natural resources mapping,
  • Utility networking,
  • Energy production & supply distribution, and
  • almost any other industry.


With its end-product of digital thematic maps, our new service would allow a better visualization, analysis, and interpretation of the spatial data and an understanding of the existing relationships, patterns, and trends. Additionally, resorting to GIS and photo-interpretation for mapping in a fast developing country would considerably save time, costs as well as enhance record storage & sharing between local agencies.

Serving you better:

Our services typically begin with an evaluation of your needs.  We take this time to learn about your organization and gain an understanding of how GIS can best serve you as well as learning about your potential data sources that can be utilized.  Next we take the time to develop a customized solution to your concerns which can include, in addition to the mapping services we provide, hardware and software recommendations and training.

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